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I think I hear crickets

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Did everybody just quit? Wait, you're all to busy to be on the internet......yeah that's it :D Just to beef it up here's a pic from last night with Matt, Ben and Shane

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nope still here! went this past friday night ended up with 4 3ft plus gar and 5 15lb or bigger carp. Saw tons of catfish but theyre not on the shoot list in VA. Water was 87* and low so wont much going on. Hoping to get out on some new water this weekend.
Anyone shoot any doves?
I wish. Don't have a dove season here.
Wow didnt know that! Dont know what your missing bud but yall probally have a good amount of waterfowl up there. 5 of us had out limit in about 2 hours of shooting
I know. We had a season for like a month, then PETA got it on the ballet and it got voted out.
We do have a lot of waterfowl, but there is a lot of hunting pressure too. Takes a lot if time and work to get a good shoot in.
Plenty of geese around here but ducks are few and far between unless we have a major freeze then the shooting is pretty good on the rivers and lakes.
Was out on the river last Sunday doing a little test and tune on the boat and saw quite a few shootable carp. We haven't had much rain so the water visibility was 6' which is rare for around my parts.
Got a old 60hp merc and after it gets warm it cuts out after hi idle so I swapped stators out but its still acting up. Going to go back thru the carbs and check my other electric boxes and wires next. Had a brand new water pump sieze up on me and now its doing this. Good compression when it starts acting up.
Having any luck Fred? Been 7 nights and haven't pulled the trigger yet. Worse year ive ever had
1 - 7 of 56 Posts
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