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Interior lights??? Help

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I need to figure something out to light up the inside of the boat, was thinking some type of green light strip (would like to stick with green) but i dont if that is the best option, what should i do? I have a LOWE 1448 mod v. This is the platforms position (i cut it to size and everything but this is the exact position of it if that makes a difference)


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I have one of those rope lights around the interior of the boat, it works pretty well and they dont take much power. I would do some reasearch on what color of light the bugs stay away from. I dont remember off the top of my head but i know depending on the color of the lights the bugs may or may not leave you alone
I went with 12'' marine grade LED strips in green. Got 12 strips for 12 bucks on Amazon. Wasn't sure where I would put them on my center console, so I went with the short strips. I'll send pics later when I get the power turned on. For what it's worth the tape on the light strips is a joke. Ended up using a mixture of silicone and Goop to stick em on the boat.

Good looking rig.
I nailed it with Yellow LED. It has been absolutely perfect . I will try to find and post a pic. Yellow in theory doesn't attract BUGS as much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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