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I chartered a Trip with my wife, my dad, and a buddy I grew up with last year in June. Had a great time. The price is right, and he worked his tail off trying to put us on some nice rays, flounder, and others.

However 2 weeks prior to our trip the area had received record amounts of rain and all of that freshwater going into the bay and messed up the water conditions. Apparently saltwater fish dont like freshwater?!?

Anyways, i will say he worked hard and stayed out longer to ensure we had a great time. We laughed and cut up and cracked jokes the entire night and just had a good time. I will say it was nice to go out and just shoot for once instead of manning the troller or being in charge of it all. Especially when it came to clean up time, i didnt have to do a thing!!

Everything was top notch and top quality. We got a few nice stingrays and even left a few there for the next trip. If your thinking of taking a trip to the South Alabama area to shoot saltwater i would give liquid trails my business.

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