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Lunar Charts/Times

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Anyone else use these for bowfishing? Ever since my Florida trip in June, I tried this when I got back to Southeast Ohio. It does seem fairly accurate. Higher day rating=more fish seen
Here are some pics of fish from the last high rated days last week. Sky Fisherman Outdoor recreation Fishing Fish
Sky Water Tree Gesture Fish
Fisherman Fish Beard Fishing Recreational fishing
Smile Outdoor recreation Plant Fisherman Fish
Sky Sleeve Fisherman Fish Baseball cap


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I am just learing about these this year, and kinda been following them for bass fishing. The bass seem to go on the bite on a full moon. I know I always loved shooting with a full moon because i could see more in the boat but now that i think about it we saw more fish in the shallows too.
I know barometric pressures are also a factor, but haven't studied that part yet.
yeah i havent quite figured that out. I try to keep mental notes of the weather patterens when fishing is the best but I have no way to read the barometric pressure. I will have to pick up one of those gadges. Seems like before a storm blows in they are all over or when the temp is rising they go on the feed. But im not sure if a rising baro-pressure or falling baro is better.
Most weather apps have barometric pressures indicated.
i will have to check that out. Does water temp affect fish like it does here for ya? Around here it seems like when it gets colder the fish move deeper. but like in the fall when its warm in the day and cold at night, the fish hold to the shallows and weeds for awhile.
Lately it seems like the fish are lingering in the shallows like they are wanting the warm water. I am taking advantage of that!!! Haha
Thanks for the article! The only thing I disagree with is the raining/storming part. The bass around here go crazy then. Just most the time the fisherman don't like it. I have always done good when it's raining. I guess it probably makes a difference in what kind of fish your going for too. Carp don't seem to be too picky on the pressure but give me a full moon with warm shallows and I will kill a lot. The only problem is the fog.
Fog is a problem here on the river from dusk to dawn this time of year, I couldn't sleep and went out around 4 am, last Sunday, didn't see many until the fog lifted. I could see great with the LEDs on my boat, fish just weren't out. Gar sightings have drastically declined as the temps dropped. I wish I was still seeing more of them. A normal night around 40 gar seen, lucky to see 2 this time of year, and I scratch my head wondering we're to find em now, they are not around brush, sandbars, creek inlets like the normally are. But the carp are still plentiful.
It seems like as soon as the surface temps drop the gar move deep
Got out for an hour tonight, charts were way off tonight... (Scratching head)
Suppost to be good and turned out bad? I'm still trying to figure it out. Went bass fishing last night. No moon and holding weather had 5 on top water but didn't hook up. :( one of the better nights as far as action.
Should have been an active night, but it wasn't. Going for 4-5 hours tonight, charts read the same so we will see.
going tomorrow. holding weather with a ending quarter moon. So I guess i will see how we do. would love to hear how you do.
I'll let you know... Here is what it shows for today. Black Font Screenshot Technology Electronic device


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thats sweet! is that an app you bought for your phone? i was looking for one to help chart when the good times to go would be but always
It is an app called "iHunt", it has other things like sounds and what not but, I think it was 2 or 3 bucks.
Seen a lot, missed a lot. I was shooting bad, real bad....
Haha. Some time your on sometime your not. Went bass fishing last night, almost same conditions but only had 2 hits. So far no pattern. Going bowfishing tonight so we will see . It's 80 right now and I think it's goin to drop to the 50s tonight so I'm guessing all the best shooting will be just after dark
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