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I work at a mahogany boat restoration shop and I delivers a boat today to a boat house that has one of the best collocations in the world. Thought I'd share some pictures with you guys.

This boat here does a little over 150mph
Watercraft Window Hood Naval architecture Boat

This has a 12 cylinder WWII Allison aircraft engine in it and was built by my bosses father.
Vehicle Automotive design Naval architecture Car Watercraft

12 cylinder strait dry pipes
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This boat is a 40 foot custom Hacker Craft built in 1931. Engine is a Packard V-12 2025 cubic inch, 650hp. It pushes the boat at about 60pmh. This boat is 1 of a kind and is the most valued boat of its kind in existence.
Vehicle Boat Motor vehicle Naval architecture Watercraft

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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