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NEED NEW Lights & Motor & Batteries

I want to get done and start getting the choices thinned out. The Boat is a 24' Pontoon with a 50 hp outboard. I want to buy a big trolling motor with auto pilot remote controls. I want BRIGHT lights and was think of {3} 150 watt HPS. I have a small generator that runs 800 watts and its fairly quiet and runs on 50:1 mix. I want to buy the best blend of equipment that will work together. So would one get 5 50 watt LED and run them off a 24V battery system? Buy the largest 24v trolling motor and run them on 2 of these? Then occasionally run my 800 watt generator to help juice the battery's threw a converter. ANY GOOD help is GREATLY appreciated.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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