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New boat 1848 1754 1854

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Hi guys! New to the forums. Not new to bowfishing or boating. Looking for some advice! A few years back I bought a new GT rig, an 1854 powered by a stock 35. Really liked the boat. I fished out of it comfortably but it was slow when loaded. I started hunting timber, and still do 12 or so times a year. Wrecked that boat. Replaced it with a 1846 southfork mud hull powered by a 37 efi gator tail. Man! That thing scoots. I like the speed I gained, but didn't like how unsteady it was. It's an .080 boat and didn't last long. I had to idle a cypress slough to get to a piece of woods we were hunting, and took it very very easy going over the stumps. It put hooks in the bottom like something fierce. Totaled the boat. So...I'm back to buying a new hull. Pretty set on another GatorTail. 9 months out of the year I'm bowfishing and fishing, the rest chasing ducks. Here's the a few years this won't be my primary fishing rig, it will be used mainly for bowfishing and duck hunting. I figure if I can bowfish out of it comfortably, I should be able to fish no problem. Initially my plans were to order a new boat from GT...1848 extreme and have a removable bowfishing deck built. Now im considering the 48 may be too narrow for a few big boys up on it. I'm now between a 1754, 1848, or another 1854. Any firsthand experience will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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