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New from ut

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Hey yall I'm brand new to this! I'm just an archery guy and I was curious about bow fishing so ducted taped a regular reel to my bow and set off, needless to say it didn't work. So I went and bought the ams pro kit from cabelas. I've taken it out a lot and haven't got a damn thing, I still aim too high everytime, but my question is should i use my new compound or my older one? Thanks guys!
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Welcome!! The hardest thing to get used to the diffraction. When you think you are aiming low enough aim 6" lower then shoot. Are you issuing sights or just instinct shooting? Most guys use older bows for bowfishing...usually recurve, But just about any bow will work. You generally don't want to shoot a very high poundage. My bow is around 35#s.
I'm just going on instincts!! Figure ill suck at first but I'm getting better
Once you figure it out it's a lot more efficient than wasting time with aiming. Good luck and welcome to the addiction. :thumbsu:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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