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New from ut

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Hey yall I'm brand new to this! I'm just an archery guy and I was curious about bow fishing so ducted taped a regular reel to my bow and set off, needless to say it didn't work. So I went and bought the ams pro kit from cabelas. I've taken it out a lot and haven't got a damn thing, I still aim too high everytime, but my question is should i use my new compound or my older one? Thanks guys!
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to be honest I figured out the best way to hit a fish is to shoot as fast as possiable at them. I use a recurve so snap shooting is very easy. You may miss alot at first but once you get the first one under your belt its like something clicks in your brain and before you know it you will be hitting over 50%. Everytime I aim im always off. so as I always tell all my friends who are new to the sport. "grip and rip" Also there are laser sights that are suppost to help, but honestly I think they are a waste of money. if you have a old laser sitting around it might not be a bad idea to bring it out just so you can see how it defracts in the water, just to get an Idea of where you should be shooting
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