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new here and new boat.

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First post!

Im in northern Mi. Just set up my first boat and cant wait to get at it this season.

Now just need to find places to go!

Boat is a new tracker 1542 riveted with a 03 merc 15hp, 45 thrust troller, 3 500 watt, and 4 300 watt lights on a flush deck, with a 3500/4000 champion generator. buit the whole set up in parts bought boat new, motor used, and trailer new. about 2600 total for everything.



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Good looking boat. You'll kill a lot of fish out of that. What part of MI you in? I'm right on the Saginaw bay. Carp are pretty easy to find and they are in almost all lakes in Michigan. Just look for muddied up water and carp rolling in the shallows.
And welcome to the forum!! :thumbsu:
Im in houghton lake.

I went to the bay last year one time in a buddys 14 foot jon boat. (niether of us had ever been there). We were up by pinconing/standish by the pine river and it was so shallow around the shore of the bay we didint get to far and never seen a fish. I have been researching the bay alot. I have ready many of your posts on here and on michigan sportsman forum. I am going to try and get on the saginaw river a couple times and might venture out to the bay to try my luck again. the bay worries me a little as it was so shallow and rocky up by standish. i have google earthed the saginaw river and it looks like a great place to try and only an hour away from me.

I plan to bowfish houghton lake but also nervous about people getting mad at the lights and genny noise so i will prbably stick to the areas that less populated if there are any fish there.

I guess its all overwhelming and im excited to get it started....bring on the warmer weather!
You have to be in the right spot on the bay. I've only shot on it a few times because I always had a little boat. You need to find weed beds and you will likely find carp in May/June. The water levels are really hurting right now and make everything a little more difficult. On the Saginaw rivet you would be better going upriver of Saginaw area. With all the boat traffic near the mouth visibility is about 2 inches and makes it hard to see fish.
I think I heard something about some strict Bowfishing regs for houghton lake do check with the DNR before you go out. I've never had problems with people along the populated places we shoot. Most ignore you, some are interested in what your doing and want to talk, and a couple get a little worked up. You just learn where those people are and avoid them. Then everyone stays happy. Good luck out there. Weather is starting to warm up a little.
Welcome to the site! That's a nice looking setup you have there!
welcome , glad to see another small boat owner
Welcome. good to have another michigander.

Good looking rig!!

Im fishing from a friends 1672 right now but I got a 1648 Grizzly I duck hunt from that I plan on rigging up.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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