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New member mmw1015 from Katy, Texas

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Hi everyone, Getting back into bowfishing after many years. My boat is just about finnished, just have a couple of

things to finnish. I have a 13 hp air motor with a 40 hp Johnson on a 14' 52" bottom john boat. When I am finnished

the air motor will turn electricly and the trottle will be a controlled electricly. I did this because I plan to use it in saltwater also, so won't rust. I have a 250 watt 40"grn LED light bar on front and a 120 watt 20" grn led light bars on each side. Behind the side light bars I am running 3- 75 watt grn mr16 lights on each side. I am running 6 batterys total. Lights are 24 volt, trolling motor air motor, and outboard start is 12 volt.

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Welcome from michigan. Looks like a sweet rig
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