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OOO my son

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Got a call from the wife, she was upset crying I told her to clam down and tell me whats wrong. She said our son shallowed a Quarter so I said I'm on my way I'll meet you at the ER.

I got to the ER and we waited for the Doctor he came out and got us, He asked us whats wrong we said our son shallowed a Quarter he laugh and said no problem I'll give him some medicine to help pass the Quarter, and then he started to walk out the room and he stoped and turned around and said thier's one thing you may to have to worry about when he is trying to pass the Quarter, Me and wife said what's that the doctor smiled and said if he passes two dimes and a nickel then you,ll have to WORRY.

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Lol. I think I swallowed something like $1.70 in change when I was little. Shouldn't be any problems other than you get to go treasure hunting in a diaper for a a day or 2.
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