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I figured a thread to post reviews about products members have used could be helpful to newbies and seasoned bowfishers alike. For example i'd like to review the newer bohning carpivore and RPM Victory rests. The Rpm is virtually the Quick Draw rest just a slightly different shape and a lil more affordable. Its made from aluminum instead of plastic so durability is no issue. It was easy to tune and shot great and retention gates give you the option of full inclosure. Excellent new rest and i will be buying another for my backup bow. I wish i could say the same about the carpivore. Had a lot of tuning issues and it still wants to buck the arrow a bit. Top bristles are catching the slide stop and look like they will wear quickly. The frame of the rest is all cheap plastic and the roller gives the arrow a little too much side to side play. It could make a decent rest if it was tuned right but costs a lil more than its worth in my opinion.
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