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Rain.rain.and more rain

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Supposed to rain every day this week. Im loving it for the sake of water levels around here, but it's really starting to cut into my bowfishing time and I'm not happy about that.
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Agreed. It doesn't make things any easier that's for sure.
has anyone bowfishing in the rain? Personally I dont feel comfortable doing it. with the genny running and all
A little drizzle...yes. I'm gonna rig up a couple of spots on my boat where I can slip in patio umbrellas to cover the shootingdeck and generator. It's supposed to rain Saturday and saturday night for the BAM tournament so I figure I should have a plan to not get electrocuted.
lol your team name better be Mary Poppins. Please,Please take pictures of that.
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:lol: will do. I have the one for the platform done. Just need to figure out how to hook a little one up to the generator stand.
If nothing else strap a golf umbrella to the genny.
We go rain or shine. Can't killem on the couch. We don't have a fancy rig so all we ruin is dry clothes. LOL
experiencing the same here, wet, stormy and the boat is sitting under it cover.
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