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What kind of rest do you guys use?
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AMS wave.
My favorite is the AMS rollers with the guard around it.
That's what I use too...I think it's called the Wave. Never had an issue with mine.
Ya I love that rest cause you can't lose your arrow out of it lol
Yup...and the arrow seems to fly true out if it.
Yea they do!! I've never had a miss shot due to the rest. I shoot a lot of carp and spotted gar in Georgia so I like the precision of it. I really wish we had alligator gar in my lake but we don't.
the only time the arrow was screwed up by the rest is if I accidentally put the arrow in upside down. And I don't think there is a rest out there that would correct that. Except for a whisker biscuit.
I tried a whisker biscuit for a while and I had problems with the fiberglass arrow falling through the whiskers.
That's a good idea with the epoxy. But I'd rather use the $20 wave than a $50 whisker biscuit.
Oh never mind I know what rest your talking about haha had a dumb moment. I thought you were talking about a actual fishing hook lol but ya the fish hook works good my buddy had one on his bow
Don't feel bad...I thought the same thing lol. I have a fish hook on my backup bow. Works just fine. Sill like my wave better though.
I was thinking about getting the tidal wave but I haven't had any issues with my wave so I'm gonna same the money for something more useful.
You should be able to loosen it up and take the rest part off the mount and spin it to make it left handed. I'm not positive though. I'll have to look at mine after work and let you know.
1 - 9 of 37 Posts
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