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What kind of rest do you guys use?
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My favorite is the AMS rollers with the guard around it.
Ya I love that rest cause you can't lose your arrow out of it lol
Yea they do!! I've never had a miss shot due to the rest. I shoot a lot of carp and spotted gar in Georgia so I like the precision of it. I really wish we had alligator gar in my lake but we don't.
yea but even then i think a whisker buiscut would turn the arrow some sort of way?
A fish hook! How in the heck does that work?
Oh never mind I know what rest your talking about haha had a dumb moment. I thought you were talking about a actual fishing hook lol but ya the fish hook works good my buddy had one on his bow
Don't feel bad...I thought the same thing lol. I have a fish hook on my backup bow. Works just fine. Sill like my wave better though.
yea I love my wave.
1 - 7 of 37 Posts
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