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Running HPS lights need some knowledge!!

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I have been bowfishing for about 8 years now. 5 years ago I bought the 150watt HPS lights. I have been running them ever since.

I currently run 5 HPS lights off a 2000 Honda Generator. I can only pull 4 lights at first and then I can plug the 5th one up. I would like to buy one or two more my HPS lights but I don't know if my generator will pull them. I believe it will pull one more but I would hate to spend the money if it won't work. It has everything to do with the amps it uses I just don't know how many amps lights pull when they are heated up.

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If they have capacitors in them, I've heard of guys running 8 150s off a 2000w genny. Just have to start up the last 3 or 4 individually as they start to warm up. I don't have personally experience with this. So I don't know for sure.
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