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Some trial an error

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as you can see I ruined some good reels ,arrows,spools in the past couple weeks trying to get this crossbow shooting the way I want. Murphy was not much help!!!! I had to make my own spool because the factory one all the line would fly off when I shot , settleled on 22 inch fiberglass arrows like wheelie advised an work best after breaking my homemade aluminum stuffed with carbons. make my own slide stops now after breaking many of the factory ones. don,t care for the AMS retrievers I like the old spool. It,s been a hoot fooling with this thing but got er done!



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Thought cross bows would be cool for bowfishing but thought that with all that draw wt. you'd be shooting clear through most fish and have to untie the line every time or push the arrow back through the fish. I saw a crossbow rig with a 35lb. pistol rig that looked like the cats pajamas. Had an AMS reel mounted below the limbs.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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