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STRONG arrows to keep AMS slide from ripping out of the shaft with 70 lb draw??

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Before everyone tells me 70 is too much let me finish... I'm talking about going after 50-200+ lb bluefin, yellowfin and yellow tail. I want to run the line to a regular fishing reel and pole. Many times the fish are everywhere but they are full from bait fish. This way I can still get them.

I found it is legal in CA.

So my problem is the AMS slide keeps ripping out of my shafts. Are there any heavy duty type arrows that have harder/firmer shafts?

I'm using this array of tips. The grim reapers should slow the tunas fight quickly
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We all take that stupid slider off. Take the screw out and drill a hole through the shaft, tie a knot with a few inches of loop, put the loop in the hole and pull it back over the nock. This is also super convienent for a pass through shot, as in all the way through. It's annoying. But with the knot tied the way i just told you about, simply pull the loop over the nock and then just pull the string through your fish
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