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What is your EDC knife?

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What is your EDC knife?

When I am at work (office job) I carry an Executive Edge "The Grande".
When not at work, I carry a Zero Tolerance ZT350. It is the toughest, best built, knife I have ever owned.
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I always end up loosing everything so I just carry a cheapo knife.
I also have a zero tolerance 0350ST and on my belt i carry a Leatherman Mutt


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Spyderco waved endura
Wagon, I am thinking about polishing the blade on my ZT. I think it would look really good, and hide the scuff marks that the current black finish has.
Night, it is ionbond coated pretty tough stuff. we work with the company allot on our firearm coatings. let me get a hold of the guy he might hook you up or not.
Night, he just replied back to me. he said try oil and some 0000 just in case material is loaded up on finish if not he said glass beads will take it off if you have access to a bead blast cabinet. or you could send it to greensboro and they would do it for you. hope this helps
Good to know! I may try the steel wool route. Thanks!!
I also have a zero tolerance 0350ST and on my belt i carry a Leatherman Mutt
Did you see that you can order the 0350 with aluminum scales now? Pretty sweet!
I am bad about laying them down in the woods, on trailers and driving off, dropping in the water duck hunting....etc etc etc LOL so I usually keep a pretty inexpensive one on me. Right now I been pretty lucky. I have had the same lil camo lock blade buck on me for almost a 10 months.

Sitting here cutting a yellow apple with it now. Tastes like dead fish for some reason LOL ........bad about not washing it off to.
Gerber remix tactical
I have a few different knives that I wear. All assisted open. Currently I'm carrying a $10 TSC CKC (Cowboy up). None have been better assembled than another. I've lost bolster screws from all of them lately even the Kershaw. At least this one has a lifetime warranty and they sent me a new one to replace the one that lost a screw and divider and I got to keep that one for parts. I've bought a couple more as backup........for $10 how can I complain. It takes and holds an edge.

I need to get a small set of torx bits so I can disassemble this one and loctite the screws.
Swiss army utility card. The old model. ALso have me a pocket wrench. Both fit nicely in my Saddle Back Leather large bi-fold wallet.
Leatherman Wave. :D
I wore out 1 leatherman, sent it back, they replaced it with a wave. Love companies that stand behind their product!
Tool Rectangle Knife Everyday carry Automotive design

Got this little toy/tool from the vol. fire dept I'm on. It's been in my pocket ever sense.


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