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What is your favorite ride?

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Tell us what boat you prefer to use when bowfishing!
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1872 MV SeaArk 90hp Evinrude side console. 10 150 halagon lights 3500 watt gen. 55# minn kota. Adding a 15hp kicker motor on it in Feb.
What I would prefer would be a 20' airboat surrounded by 400 watt HPS. But that is a little out of my price range. I used a 1442 jon with 4 500 watt halos for the last 3 years. Got a 1648 to settup for next season and getting some 150 HPS to light it up.
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My setup is a 18/56 Alweld, 150 horse Mercury Jet Drive, 80 pound MinnKota Maxxum trolling motor, 12, 50 watt 120 volt LED's, 1500 watt generator. a 2500 watt inverter if I decide to run on batteries only.

I don't have the platform built yet but have everything I need in the shop to start.
Looks like I am going to go ahead and just add the platform this spring to my pontoon
mine is my 1756 G3 flatbottom with my bf 15 Honda with a pitchfork on for shallow water . had my 22 crest pontoon out today for the first time with my Honda bf 15 kicker 0n it an the wind blows it around like a sail boat an what a bear to load in the creek with the wind blowing by myself. would have drove it on but the creeks always low an shallow an a reel pain.had a bad morning with the water being high an just made it by 2inches clearing my windshield going under the bridge to the river. flatbottom for me!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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