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What's ammo supply like?

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Round here there is zero 9mm, a small handful of 40 and 45 when you can find it, and 22 when you can find it is anywhere from $60-100 a box of 500. Its ridiculous. What's it like in your area?
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anytime a dem is in office you can bet that their will be threats to our freedoms as of gun rights. When Obama was elected the 1st time, I originally had 350 rounds of 45ACP, then when was re-elected (I was shocked) I purchased another 1500 rounds of 45ACP 230 ball ammo, plus stocked up on 100gr. 243Win, 45Colt, .22 long rifle & reloaded enough 45 Win Mag to last, 7mm Mag in 140 Accu Bond to last me for years. Now their is a extreme short supply on pre-loaded ammo along with reloading supplies. I'm always keeping a eye wide open when election time comes for this reason. My lively hood depends on the hunting & firearm industry, its my business.
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