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What's your favorite gun?

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Mine would probably be my grandpas old S&W .38/.357 magnum revolver.
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Pistol Auto- Ruger SR9c
Pistol Revolver- Ruger New Vaquero .357

Rifle- Any lever 30.30....and .44 or .357/.38

I actually can't stand 1911's or AR15' me crazy....
I've never shot an AR so I don't know if I'd like em or not. But my deer rifle is a lever action .32 Winchester special. I love that gun...Put a lot of deer on the ground with it.
You would love an AR! I love both of mine, I got a ar15 and ar10
The only reason I haven't shot one is because I know I would love it, And I don't really have a grand to spend on one.
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I hear that... Back 6 months ago you could get them 675-750 new... With all this scare the same gun can go for 2000 now :/ that's crazy! ... And ammo... Good luck :/
Ammo is nonexistent in any caliber around here.
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Saw this nice DPMS ar15 at walmart for $575 right after Christmas .223 caliber. Went to leave to go home and get the cash and come back. Just as I was leaving another guy was filling out the paperwork. Let's just say I was pretty jacked. It had a laser, flashlight, red dot, pistol grip handle, fore grip, and all kinds of stuff. Gonna maybe do a build sometime soon with one
That sucks. Since sandy hook it was impossible to find any tactical rifles of any kind around here. A cabalas outpost just opened by my house and had some in stock upon opening, and they sold out within hours.
Probably my father-in-law's Thompson Contender .45/70 pistol. I think the thing would drop a mammoth, and it is a blast to shoot! Literally!
That would be a fun gun to shoot. Biggest pistol I've ever shot was the .357
I'm not much on rifle knowledge. Hopefully some one will chime in here soon.
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