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What's your favorite gun?

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Mine would probably be my grandpas old S&W .38/.357 magnum revolver.
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I see firearms as defensive/offensive tools. Having said that, I like the G23. Perfect carry gun imo. Best comprise of caliber, capacity, reliability, and concealibility.

Also like the s and w 642 hammerless 38
Pistol Auto- Ruger SR9c
Pistol Revolver- Ruger New Vaquero .357

Rifle- Any lever 30.30....and .44 or .357/.38

I actually can't stand 1911's or AR15' me crazy....
I really like the 9c, but the mountain of Aa
loaded chamber indicator and the mag disconnect kept of away. Awesome trigger though.

Carrying in good health!
On the 9c....just punch out the disconnect and dremel it down. And the mag safety takes 2 minutes to remove. Awesome little pistols.

Or just buy a pistol without all the additional safeties.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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