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What's your favorite gun?

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Mine would probably be my grandpas old S&W .38/.357 magnum revolver.
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I see firearms as defensive/offensive tools. Having said that, I like the G23. Perfect carry gun imo. Best comprise of caliber, capacity, reliability, and concealibility.

Also like the s and w 642 hammerless 38
I carry my glock 23 and I have to agree
You would love an AR! I love both of mine, I got a ar15 and ar10
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I hear that... Back 6 months ago you could get them 675-750 new... With all this scare the same gun can go for 2000 now :/ that's crazy! ... And ammo... Good luck :/
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Saw this nice DPMS ar15 at walmart for $575 right after Christmas .223 caliber. Went to leave to go home and get the cash and come back. Just as I was leaving another guy was filling out the paperwork. Let's just say I was pretty jacked. It had a laser, flashlight, red dot, pistol grip handle, fore grip, and all kinds of stuff. Gonna maybe do a build sometime soon with one
building them is the way to go, if you want plain jane it can be pretty cheap, but if you want full out custom they start getting pricey.. any thing black rifle related right now is a bit hard to get but with patience its worth it

Probably my father-in-law's Thompson Contender .45/70 pistol. I think the thing would drop a mammoth, and it is a blast to shoot! Literally!
holy jesus, a 45/70 pistol! my granpa has a ruger number 2 45/70 i shot it and it didnt really kick but after 6 shots i didnt want anymore of it, that sucker can transfer some energy !
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