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Why so quite?

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Just wondering what happened to everyone on here? is everybody too busy bowfishing to post? The weather here has been sub-par. Almost every weekend it has been raining or I cant go. went out last weekend but had some weird green slime on the water that made it hard to shoot. Only got like 5.
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Season is winding down. Other than maybe a gar shoot up at the lake I'm all done...Switching my boat over to waterfowl mode next week.
I dont know about anybody else, but work has been crazy busy! I miss you guys though!
The water down here has been usually high and muddy all year. Another couple weeks of drier weather and it should get right!
Work is kicking my butt as well. It seems it's hard to find good people. I'll be testing the new deck before winter.
raining pretty much the whole month, work has me tied up too.
Yeah between work and weather it's been kinda a bad year. And Fred if you need someone to go with you can always hit me up
Matt, I may just do that. I need somebody for the test run who can swim :D
I'm getting ready to do some new mod's on my boat, I order more metal, tubeing & a few more lights 48W LED spot lights. Build a light bar that is over the outboard 5 1/2 ft above the gunnels & attaches to them. It will fold down to 3ft @ 45 degrees & fold back up locking with hitch style pins. The 48W Spots will be headlights with 2 10W LED Floods with tinted green to light up the interior of the boat & 2 27W on the outside of the light bar shine off on the sides.
Don make sure to post some Picts thought out the build. I love seeing other people's builds plus it gives good ideas for others. Fed I might need a life jacket seeming as the Asian body wasn't ment to swim that good. Lol I did swim across Fremont,a mile, last year
Been building a house. Closing this week. I'm so busy I can hardly stand it.....
I been fishing an working on my pontoon an sick of it . can,t wait to sell this toon! what a pain to load in the wind by myself! love my flatbottom an never want to see another toon! been rainy here but carp everywhere in the creek when I come in. still playing with my crossbow getting it like I want an had to much power so cut the rail down an now am happy an getting ready. My honda kept dying at low speed tonight an made it back before the storm tonight an glad! another job ! story of my life Murphys back!!!!
Been working a lot and all our lakes are so low that they closed the boat ramps. I believe our season is done. I guess it's time to build the hybrid duck boat that I have been planning to build and paint up some old decoys for this duck season.
Sounds like a bad year all around. Kinda a bummer as I was looking forward to killing tons of fish. Didn't get to kill near as many as I would like
It hasn't been a bad year for us as far as killing fish go. we put a little over 3000 in the boat this year with a 123 fish per trip average. we just had a really bad water year
we've been getting alot of rain, still havent gone in weeks. Last month rain, this month rain. Work has me tied down, but rain is in the forecast for another week.
Our year wasn't bad. For a couple weeks during the spawn we were averaging about 100lbs of fish an hour. Some trips we only got a couple fish in the boat. Overall had a fun spring/summer. Threw in the towel last week and now I'm getting ready for waterfowl season.
I only got out a handful of times. A lot of rain on the weekends around here. Maybe got 100 fish total. Hoping to get out a couple more times
The best day I ever had Bowfishing was the BAM state championship. We found a little ditch that connected a little marsh to the bay. The carp were running the ditch to go from the open water to the marsh were they we're spawning. Most if the fish were little, but it was as fast as you could shoot for a little over 2 hours till most of the carp were shot/ scared out. We got 130 of our 170 fish in those 2 hours...then the weather got bad and the last 18 hours were tough.
anyone been doing any shooting lately?
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